jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

And we are on 160 visits ^^ Thanks!!

I'll let you below a list of visits recorded in each country.
Based on the overall hit counter blog.

Estados Unidos:11 visits
Canada:6 visits
Honduras:1 visits
Mexico:4 visits
Ecuador:1 visit
Peru:1 visit
Chile:2 visits
Argentina:1 visit
Brasil:1 visit
España:80 visits
Francia: 3 visits
Reino Unido: 4 visits
Alemania:5 visits
Austria:3 visits
Lituania:1 visit
Lathvia:1 visit
Norway:5 visits
Turkia:3 visits
Italia:3 visits
Tunisia:1 visit
Jordania:1 visit
Switzerland:1 visit
Andorra:1 visit
Grecia:1 visit

Thanks all the countries/cities

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